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HR practices revisited

Work-life Balance

What about your work-life balance? Which ‘theory in use’ about our relationship to our work is driving the the policy and practice in your organization? Get inspired, write and share your own blog post!

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Work-Life-Balance has been a hot topic in HR for some time now.
Work & Life are often represented as ‘communicating vessels’ where ‘investing in work and career’ must result in loss of ‘attention to family and private life’ and vice versa.

The metaphor of ‘balance’ suggests that too.

But is that correct? Shouldn’t we strive for a situation where ‘Life’ and ‘Work’ reinforce each other and where work, career, family, passion, time for yourself needs to be in sync and together give meaning to your life, make us grow and develop.

When work is seen as an obstacle to life, you get things like an in-house hairdresser, having your groceries delivered to the office, etc … Even legislators will prescribe things such as ‘after six PM you cannot send emails to employees or colleagues.

But does that make us happy? Should it be about that? Or should we focus on ‘ownership’ over our lives, including our work and creating a life based on passion and purpose.

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