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HR practices revisited

Recruting & Hiring

How do you ensure that the recruitment policy leads to innovation in the organization? Get inspired below, write and share your own blog post!

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Do you start from vacancies in your actual organization? Then you start looking for people to fill in those gaps, and leave everything as it was? Replacing as an almost automatic reflex when a job falls open?
Or do you use openings as an opportunity to change your organization?
Or, are you going to recruit based on what the organization will look like ‘tomorrow’ and not filling in the gaps of the organization of yesterday?

Are you recruiting for a ‘job’?
Or are you recruiting for your organization? Because you see the passion and drive that will allow the employee to contribute in many different ways to the ‘shared ambition’
► Do you recruite people who will do what you ask them to do, or people who will change the way you do things?

► Are you hiring someone because he has the competencies and expertise for today (actually yesterday)?
► Or are you hiring someone because he has the capacity to develop the competences and expertise of tomorrow?

Is it mainly about knowledge and experience or are you recruiting someone because of his / her connection with your ambition as an organization? Do you dare to recruit people who will ‘shake up’ the system?

And what do you do in your organization … is it about ‘filling gaps’ or about attracting people who will innovate the organization? What could you do differently?

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