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“Knowledge is the only thing that grows, when shared”

The core of learning and innovating is that experience, insights, methodologies, articles, tips about good books, etc …. are shared with each other. As a passionate OD professional I have always done that and it is precisely in the constructive clash of insights and the critical but open examination of the insights of other OD professionals that new knowledge about organizations, work, performance and HR arises.

Thus, the insights on sustainable development have influenced the vision on organizations, on the value of organizations and work and how that differs from profit, the importance of autonomy and cooperation, etc… That has enabled our generative vision on organizations and change.

That vision has made performance and collaboration not only more effective, but also more valuable for all those involved.

In order to continue to participate in this fruitful exchange, I have made, a number of articles and tools that I have produced in my career, available to HR and OD professionals in this section. I hope that I can also inspire you and help organizations to create valuable opportunities for collaboration of professionals and stakeholders and that it may lead to sustainable solutions for the many societal challenges that come our way.

Organization Development